Producing Churchyard Memorials of Distinction Since 1880

Burslem has provided generations of families throughout the South East with high quality churchyard memorials since 1880 and we are very proud of the reputation for excellence that we have established over the years.

Burslem will guide you through the process of creating a memorial, helping you choose the perfect commemoration for your loved one.  Our knowledge and expertise enables us to advise on suitable materials, sizes, designs and inscriptions to ensure they meet both your needs and the regulations of the relevant churchyard.

At Burslem we have an in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations which apply to churchyard memorials, saving you time and stress at what can be an emotional and difficult time.

In order to preserve the natural setting of the churchyard and ensure that the memorial, headstone or gravestone are in keeping with their surroundings, churchyard memorials must comply with the Diocesan Regulations for the area.  A permit must be applied for, a fee paid and authorisation gained prior to a memorial being placed.

As well as advising on what is generally acceptable to the various authorities in terms of the memorial, we will apply for the permit on your behalf and for your convenience add the relevant fee to your estimate.

Burslem’s highly skilled stonemasons are able to offer a wide range of natural stones that are suitable for use in churchyards.

Download our Memorials Brochure to view possible design and shapes for churchyard memorials and for inspiration for inscriptions, verses and lettering. Burslem Memorials Brochure

Burslem’s talented and experienced skilled stonemasons can also work with you to create a completely unique hand-crafted memorial for your loved one.


Creating a Churchyard Memorial with Burslem:

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What are churchyard memorials?

Churchyard memorials are gravestones or monuments that are found in the churchyard, graveyard or cemetery surrounding a church. These memorials typically mark the final resting place of individuals who were members of the church or community. They often consist of inscriptions with the name, date of birth, and date of death of the deceased, as well as additional information such as religious symbols, an epitaph, or personal message.

Churchyard memorials can take various forms, including upright headstones, flat grave markers, crosses, obelisks, tombstones or statues like angels. They serve as a way to remember and honour the deceased, while also providing a place for loved ones to grieve and pay their respects.

The churchyard headstones are places of remembrance and typically made from granite, slate, marble, limestone, with the epitaphs, names and dates either carved directly on the memorial or on plaques.