Choose Your Style of Memorial Lettering for a Truly Unique Memorial

If you are looking to create a personalised tribute for a loved one Burslem’s skilled team are experts in producing bespoke memorials.  When designing your commemoration with the guidance of our team you will have the option of choosing from a wide range of styles of memorial lettering and carving in a choice of fonts and finishes.

Our experienced in-house stonemasons can produce a variety of styles of memorial lettering using traditional or more modern methods including the following:

Hand Cut – the traditional method of cutting the letters into the stone using a chisel, producing a ‘v’ shaped profile. Used in churchyards, cemeteries, on all stone types, incised only, painted or gilded.

Sandblasted – a more modern method, computer generated stencil produced and laid onto stone before being sandblasted to produce the letters producing a ‘u’ shaped profile.  Used in churchyards, cemeteries, on all stone types, incised only, painted or gilded.


Raised Lead Letters – are proud of the surface of the stone.  Holes are drilled into the surface of the stone, before lead is beaten in to act as an anchor.  The lead left on the surface is then cut by hand to produce the letters.   Used in cemeteries but not commonly allowed in churchyards. Used on granite only, can be painted or gilded.

Flush Lead – similar to raised lead but the letter is firstly cut into the stone before the lead is beaten in and the excess lead removed to leave the letter flush with the face of the memorial.  Used in cemeteries but not commonly allowed in churchyards.  Used on marble or Nabresina only, not suitable for painting or gilding.

Burslem has over 160 years of experience producing churchyard and cemetery memorials to the highest standard and quality.

Contact our friendly team now for further advice and information on creating a unique memorial.

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