Producing Cemetery Memorials to the Highest Standard Since 1880

At Burslem we have worked on cemetery memorials in Kent and Sussex since 1880 and during this time we have gained a wealth of knowledge that helps us create unique memorials, gravestones and headstones that are compliant with regulations.

Although Local Authority Cemeteries and Burial Grounds do allow for a wider variety of stone types, size, design and finish of memorials than churchyards, there are still regulations which need to be strictly adhered to.

Kerb surrounds are acceptable within certain areas but other ‘lawn’ areas allow only for a headstone and base.  Polished granites are widely accepted in all colours, with gold, silver and leaded letters commonly used.

A permit is required before any cemetery memorial can be placed.   This will need to be signed by the person registered as the grave owner with the Cemetery and the relevant fee paid before any work can take place.  At Burslem we make this application on your behalf as part of the service with the fees payable added to your estimate for your convenience.

Download our Memorials Brochure to view our Cemetery memorials and accessories range, and for inspiration on inscriptions, verses and lettering for your memorial. Burslem Memorials Brochure

Burslem’s talented and experienced skilled stonemasons can also work with you to create a completely unique hand-crafted memorial for your loved one.


Creating a cemetery memorial with Burslem:


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