May 29, 2017

Bringing a Memorial Back to Beautiful

One of the most satisfying instructions we receive as memorial masons is the cleaning and refurbishment of old grave stones, and war memorials. Given the fact we are rarely approached unless the memorial is appallingly dirty or near total disrepair these are generally old memorials where our works lead to an almost unrecognisable transformation in appearance.

memorial cleaning renovation

A memorial that has been carefully restored by Burslem’s skilled team

Monuments sited in both cemeteries and churchyards often move or settle following a burial. On occasions this is quickly rectified but in many instances, where perhaps the family are far flung, this is simply left. Over time the problem becomes exacerbated given inevitable weathering of the stone.

The other regular significant influence on memorials over the long term is proximity to trees, tranquil and desirable perhaps but both roots and leaves can cause significant decay to a headstone.

Tree roots grow and may eventually impregnate the structure or substructure causing breakage or dismemberment of the memorial. Here the only resolution is to dismantle the structure, remove the offending roots, repair and re-instate the stonework on a modern foundation complete with ground anchor for increased stability – and to comply with modern regulations.

Atmospheric weathering and discolouration is caused by a wide range of air and water borne pollutants, most commonly trees. A thorough clean using proprietary cleaning agents and methods will neutralise lichen and algae giving a near-to-new look.

So different stone types are more resilient to atmospheric pollution, for more on this watch this space, and all can be susceptible to physical damage. All are cleanable and repairable and with very few exceptions this can be done in situ.

Please let us know if we are able to assist in the revitalisation of a family headstone or memorial, we think you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Read more about how Burslem can renovate your memorial here.

Burslem Memorial Gravestone Cleaning Repair
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